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WELCOME TO NEORISE MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS FZE NMC is dedicated to the view that the foundation of any project’s success is a precise methodical approach to project management. This demands a high level of performance and commitment from our staff, supported by well-established IT systems and project management techniques.

Why Us

“RESULT” is the most desired and sought word in the corporate world. Ethics, Efficiency and Excellence are the parameter, which is found in each drop of blood of NMC. These parameters are strictly adhered and adopted for everything done by the company. 3E has become the brand symbol of NMC.

When it comes to Projects or Investments, Businesses or Services, Manufacturing or Trading, Software or Hardware, Technical or Non technical, Financial or Marketing, Research or Development, Energy conservation or Waste Management, Mergers or Acquisitions, Negotiation or Buying, Constructions or Real state and UAE or Other countries : all are centered and concern with the one word :RESULTS , and that’s the core competence of NMC.

Project and Management Consultancy : Plans, Process, execution, Analysis, Controlling, Feedback, Budget, Cost, Time, Platform, Demands, Future Aspects, Technology, Innovation, Creativity : all are considered so minutely that result is bound to meet expectation.

Investment Consultancy : NMC assists in funds/investments to meet business requirements irrespective to terms (short term or long term). The best thing about NMC is :- Accountability is carried responsibly and sensibly. Fund arrangement, Investment policy, Selection criterion, Returns on investments, Profit/Interest on terms of investment, Investor’s security, and client’s interest, all are taken care meticulously. Analysis parameters and market study, conducted and interpreted by NMC best in the industry. It is process driven, ethically governed, result oriented and future promising organization. Timely execution, effective implementation and time bound committed returns are some impressive and mentionable qualities of company.

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