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WELCOME TO NEORISE MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS FZE NMC is dedicated to the view that the foundation of any project’s success is a precise methodical approach to project management. This demands a high level of performance and commitment from our staff, supported by well-established IT systems and project management techniques.

Company Overview


NMC (Neorise Management Consultants) FZE is founded with the vision to be the most successful, trusted, reliable, renown and International Consultancy Company in Project Management and Investments. NMC to create the largest platform to explore, execute and achieve excellence in consultancy, Investments, businesses and services through efficiency and ethical process. It’s the vision of dynamic, educated, talented and challenging young visionary entrepreneurs.

To nurture the aspiration, company will connect it’s local and virtual platform to international platform to take projects and execute. To make pig fly, team of extreme persistent and competent professional is dedicated to perform. The team works professionally and leaves no stone unturned to bring out the results. No matter, whatever type of project or work is assigned to the team or taken by company, it is performed with heights of meritocity and accuracy. Being veracious and transparent is the basics of the company and always looks for the prolific long term relationship. In fact, at NMC, everyone is disciplined and strictly adhere to the basics and rules. Lastly, Business ethics are highly concerned and sensitively followed by the company.

To bring the plan in implementation, NMC basically prepare plans and processes. We make sure that the process is of highly standard so that it can meet the basic requirement of results. Experts and maestros are being involved in making the process. It is done to achieve Excellency in whatever we do or intend to do.

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