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WELCOME TO NEORISE MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS FZE NMC is dedicated to the view that the foundation of any project’s success is a precise methodical approach to project management. This demands a high level of performance and commitment from our staff, supported by well-established IT systems and project management techniques.

FAQ's Row 1.

NMC is Neorise Management Consultants FZE Licensed company. The abbreviated form is NMC FZE.

It is 6006276 issued by RAK FTZ.

Company deals in Projects Management and Investment consultancy.

The Licensee is Anand Kumar Darak.

NMC has been operating since 2001 and has the wonderful track record of 17 Years. In UAE, it started operation in Jan 2017.

NMC deals in both Technical and non technical streams of projects. It deals in following areas :-

  • Project Consultancy
  • Feasibility Study
  • International projects
  • Cross Country Marketing
  • Management consultancy
  • Education and admission
  • Financial consultancy
  • Advisory services
  • Training services
  • Waste and Bio gas
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Constructions and real state
  • Marketing research
  • Market information
  • Opportunity mapping
  • Online assessment and E-learning
  • Mining and stones
  • Textiles and yarns
  • Trading and manufacturing

FAQ's Row 2.

Yes, NMC has competent, consistent, skilled and hard care dedicated team to accomplish any projects. It makes sure that project is always meets the expectation and completes in budget n time.

We at NMC, Invest or make our clients invest. And in both the cases they get best returns.

It depends upon the time limit and terms, but if it is for a year then Minimum 18-30% @year ROI is guaranteed by NMC and it increases with time periods.

NMC invests in Medical Education, Health care and hospitals, Mining and stones, real states and some traditional type of businesses.

Yes, NMC has its own designed tool and technique to analyze and interpret. The criterion used by NMC is most stringent and unique, and it promises highest and safest returns to clients. And thats the only reason NMC has been the first choice for Investment in the same country or other countries.

Yes, NMC has the wonderful track record of working and performance. For further reference go through the list of clients and testimonials.

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